phpBB3 SEO mod Rewrite
Several Url rewriting solutions to fit different phpBB3 usages.
The Simple, Mixed and Advanced, three levels of url rewriting to best fit your projects needs in Search Engine Optimisation.

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Ultimate SEO URL v0.7.0
This mod will URL rewrite phpBB URLs in various manners, injecting, or not, forums and topic titles in their URLS, each URL being rewritten once, no matter the number of links using it on the page.

This mod requires running Apache Server with mod_Rewrite module loaded, or IIS server running isapi_rewrite.
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Mod tested on/with

phpBB3 3.0.10

How the mod works

Ultimate SEO URL
General Support for this mod is provided in the phpBB mod Rewrite forum.
Specific support for modes (URL Rewriting Type) is provided in the corresponding support forum :
Release thread : phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL V 0.7.0.

Please read phpBB SEO Ultimate SEO URL Presentation carefully, you will save time and will not risk to jeopardise your web-site's PageRanking.

With this mod, phpBB URL will transformed this way :
  • viewforum.php?f=xx
    • forum-title-fxx.html (by default),
    • any-keywords-fxx/ (optional),
    • any-keywords/ (optional),
    • forumxx.html (optional),
    • forumxx/(optional)
  • viewforum.php?f=xx&start=yy
    • any-keywords-fxx-yy.html (by default),
    • any-keywords-fxx/pageyy.html (optional),
    • any-keywords/pageyy.html (optional),
    • forumxx-yy.html (optional),
    • forumxx/pageyy.html(optional)
  • viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy
    • topicyy.html (by default)
    • topic-title-tyy.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-tyy.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-fxx/topicyy.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-fxx/topic-title-tyy.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-fxx/any-keywords-tyy.html (optional),
    • any-keywords/topicyy.html (optional),
    • any-keywords/topic-title-tyy.html (optional)
    • any-keywords/any-keywords-tyy.html (optional)
  • viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy&start=zz
    • topicyy-zz.html (by default)
    • topic-title-tyy-zz.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-tyy-zz.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-fxx/topicyy-zz.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-fxx/topic-title-tyy-zz.html (optional),
    • any-keywords-fxx/any-keywords-tyy-zz.html (optional),
    • any-keywords/topicyy-zz.html (optional),
    • any-keywords/topic-title-tyy-zz.html (optional)
    • any-keywords/any-keywords-tyy-zz.html (optional)
  • viewtopic.php?p=xx
    • postxx.html (by default)
    • topic-title-tyy(-zz).html#pxx (and all combination of settings for topics, with the no duplicate mod)
  • download/file.php?id=xx(&t=1)
    • resources/file-title/(thumb/)xx (optional)
  • memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=xx
    memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&un=nickname (if possible)
    • memberxx.html (by default)
    • nickname-uxx.html (optional),
    • nickname-uxx/ (optional),
    • member/nickname (optional)
  • memberlist.php?mode=group&g=xx
    • groupxx.html (by default)
    • groupe-name-gxx.html (optional)
  • memberlist.php?mode=group&g=xx&start=yy
    • groupxx-yy.html (by default)
    • groupe-name-gxx-yy.html (optional),
    • groupxx/pageyy.html (optional)
    • groupe-name-gxx/pageyy.html (optional)
  • memberlist.php?mode=leaders
    • the-team.html (by default)
  • search.php?author_id=xx&sr=post|topics
    search.php?author=nickname&sr=post|topics (if possible)
    • memberxx-posts|topics.html (optional),
    • memberxx/posts|topics/ (optional),
    • nickname-uxx-posts|topics.html (optional),
    • nickname-uxx/posts|topics/ (optional),
    • member/nickname/posts|topics/ (optional).
  • search.php?author_id=xx&sr=post|topics&start=yy
    search.php?author=nickname&sr=post|topics&start=yy(if possible)
    • memberxx-posts|topics-yy.html (optional),
    • memberxx/posts|topics/pageyy.html (optional),
    • nickname-uxx-posts|topics-yy.html (optional),
    • nickname-uxx/posts|topics/pageyy.html (optional),
    • member/nickname/posts|topics/pageyy.html (optional).
  • search_id=active_topics
    • active-topics.html
  • search_id=active_topics&start=xx
    • active-topics-xx.html
  • search_id=unanswered&sr=topics
    • unanswered.html
  • search_id=unanswered&start=xx&sr=topics
    • unanswered-xx.html
  • search_id=newposts&sr=topics
    • newposts.html
  • search_id=newposts&start=xx&sr=topics
    • newposts-xx.html
  • search_id=unreadposts
    • unreadposts.html
  • search_id=unreadposts&start=xx
    • unreadposts-xx.html
  • If the virtual folder is turned on, global announces will be treated in a separate virtual folder :
    • viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy
      • announces/announces-title-tyy.html
    • viewtopic.php?f=xx&t=yy&start=zz
      • announces/announces-title-tyy-zz.html

It will not output any pagination duplicates.

URL rewriting is performed without using ob_start() nor adding any SQL.

The process is optimized, titles and URLs are transformed once, even if the url is called and outputted many times.
Short URL feature :
Anything in topic title between "[" and "]" won't be injected in URL.
Example :
This topic title : "[SOMETHING] The Topic Title" will correspond to this URL : "the-topic-title-vtxx.html"

Bad Title handling :
Example :
This topic title : """"??Véry bâd tïtle handling"[hehe]!!!" will correspond to this URL : "very-bad-title-handling-vtxx.html"

SQL Rewriting :
You will be able to activate the SQL Rewriting option which will allow you to set custom url for your topics on a per case basis.
Example :
topicxx.html and topic-title-txx.html will be modifiable to any-keyword-I-want-txx.html

This mod is and will be compatible to all phpBB SEO modules, specific install instructions may apply.

Char-sets and title injection
phpBB uses UTF-8 as final encoding, and this should be enough to handle all cases.
UTF-8 is fully supported by this mod.
This mod rewrite will only inject the ASCII Chars ( after removing all accents ) available in the titles.
For example : "نرم افزار - Software niño" will be formated prior to injection in the following way : "software-nino".
The phpbb_seo class handles de-accentuation for most of the occidental characters, but you could need to handle more cases for your project.
Starting from v0.6.0, we introduced a simple way to set up custom replacements.
Example :
In phpbb_seo/includes/setup_phpbb_seo.php, you could add :
Code: Select all
      $this->url_replace = array(
         // Purely cosmetic replace
         '$' => 'dollar', '€' => 'euro',
         '\'s' => 's', // it's => its / mary's => marys ...
         // Language specific replace (German example)
         'ß' => 'ss',
         'Ä' => 'Ae', 'ä' => 'ae',
         'Ö' => 'Oe', 'ö' => 'oe',
         'Ü' => 'Ue', 'ü' => 'ue',

Before :
Code: Select all
      // Let's make sure that settings are consistent

To implement custom replacement, language specific (here with the German language example) and / or cosmetic (here for $, € and words ending with 's).
Just make sure that the characters you may add are not already handled properly but the default replacements before you add some more.
And please note that English characters are already properly handled.

This mod comes with a complete administration module to set up the various options, choose your forum's URLs accurately and generate a personalized .htaccess :
Image Image Image

Migrating :
If you are migrating, eg if your forum is already indexed using different URLs, you'll have to use another robots.txt and install the zero duplicate.
The migrating procedure will allow you to migrate and keep your previously indexed pages. Older links will be HTTP 301 redirected to the new ones. It is rather simple, but the solution depends on cases.
Let's meet in the phpBB mod Rewrite forum.

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